Market Service Department

The Market Service Department of China Inspection Company Limited mainly focuses on quality, quantity inspection and appraisal of commodities. The department has experienced appraisal and inspection, our network cover the major ports in China and the rest of the world. Our team with impartiality attitude and professional standards conduct inspection service on pre-shipment inspection, loading port inspection, discharging port inspection and cargo inspection in warehouse for all trade parties, logistics companies and insurance agent. We will provide Government policy and technique advice to our clients. Our efficient service and fair and accurate inspection and appraisal report are widely recognized and accepted by clients.

Business Scope: Iron Ore, Nonferrous metal, Steel, Fertilizer, Foodstuff, Cotton, Crude oil, Edible oil, Mill scale, Steel scraps, Mixed metal scraps and other recycle materials.

Address:29/F, East Tower, Shun Tak Centre, 168-200 Connaught Rd.C., Hong Kong
Contact Person:Gordon Suen / Jenny Yu/ Minnie Shum
Tel:(852) 2807 9258 / (852) 2807 9249/ (852) 2807 9248
  • Checking Weight by Draft: The weight of bulk goods is calculated with the displacement of the carrying ship and material measurement.
  • Checking Weight by Volume: The weight of liquid goods is calculated with the international standard method.
  • Checking Weight by Scale: Checking the accuracy of the scale and monitoring the weighing process.
  • On-hire and off-hire survey: Providing a valid notarial survey document for ship handover/takeover between the ship owner and the charterer.
  • Physical inspection: By visual inspection and testing by equipment to ascertain the physical properties including the specification, color, grade and contents etc.
  • Chemical Analysis: By Chemical method for analyzing the contents of properties and ingredients of products.
  • Samples: Sampling, sample sealing, sample storage and supervision of sampling.
  • Loading and Unloading Supervision: Supervising the whole course of loading and unloading, verify label, sealing and counting the goods to provide basis for handover/ takeover between the parties of trade.
  • Pre-shipment inspection: Checking the packing, quantity, marking and label of goods before loading to avoid the goods with inconformity requirements of the contract.
  • Damage Survey: Inspecting damaged cargo caused by transportation, find out the cause of damage and extent of damage.
  • Price Evaluation: Evaluating the market value of new or used products to ensure the goods are cost-effective.
  • Cargo and container inspection: Inspecting the cargo hold and containers before loading avoid the cargo damaged.